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We help you with regular home cleaning and a simpler everyday life. For the best service, we always start with a free start-up meeting to adapt the Weekly Cleaning to your needs.

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How our cleaning subscription works

  • The best conditions

    All employees have collective agreements, paid holidays, pension provisions and other benefits.

  • Personal start meeting

    Together we agree on which rooms to include, what to do and how you want it done.

  • Cleaning products included

    At start-up you will receive a cleaning package with microfiber cloths and mop handle. Our cleaning products are included and replenished when they run out.

  • Your Hemfrid journey can begin!

    Think no more about ironing and washing, cleaning windows or cleaning weeds. Use the subscription hours for all our routing services.

We Always Start With a Home Visit!

Because it is not always fun to get the vacuum cleaner in the middle of the night. We want to make it easy for you to think of other things. Have a pro take care of the cleaning. Leave the dust bunnies, dishes and laundry to us. So you have time for everything else.

Tell us what you need help with, and we will adjust our cleaning accordingly. Together we agree on which rooms to include, what to do and how you want it done. We compile all the needs in your customer profile that form the basis of your Weekly cleaning.

We help with everything from ironing and laundry to changing sheets. Tell us, and we'll fix it for you!

One cleaning subscription - all inclusive!

Having a subscription with us means that you get home cleaning with tailormade solutions at a fixed monthly cost. Always with quality guarantee.

We help with everything from ironing and laundry to changing sheets and picking up children's toys. If you need to re-book, the hours are saved in your hour bank and can be used at another time. In addition, you always have the same contact person to contact at large and small.

In addition to Weekly cleaning, you can use all our rut services within the framework of your cleaning subscription. Choose and choose between everything from Gardening and Moving service to Deep Cleaning and Window Cleaning.

As a customer with us, of course, we include our Swedish-made and ecolabelled cleaning products - please the environment and your home. So if you want a safe and sustainable choice with trained staff and nice conditions, then Hemfrid is here for you.

How to become a customer

  • In order for you to get the best cleaning for your home, we always base it on your needs. Before your Weekly cleaning starts we have a free start up meeting via phone, video or personal home visit.

  • During the start up meeting, we compile your needs in your customer profile that forms the basis for your weekly cleaning.

  • When you have chosen to become a customer with us, we will agree on the number of hours and what weekday you want us to come. Then you will know who will be your Hemfridare and we will organize a key.

  • When you start, you get a cleaning package with microfiber cloths and mop. Our cleaning products which are environmentally friendly are included in the subscription and refilled when they run out. We use your vacuum cleaner.

  • We start your regular home cleaning with a thorough Deep cleaning

Frequently asked questions about Hemfrid's Weekly cleaning

Here we have collected frequently asked questions and answers about Hemfrid's Weekly Cleaning, how to book, what is included, about safety and security and answers to frequently asked questions for those of you who already have weekly cleaning.

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  • What's included
  • FAQ Security
  • Already a customer
  • question How do I book weekly cleaning?

    Book a start-up meeting here on our website or contact our customer service by e-mail or by 0200-11 45 50. The start meeting takes place at your home or digitally via video call.

  • question Can I book cleaning every two weeks?

    Yes, we offer cleaning every week or every other week.

  • questionHow many hours of cleaning is the minimum I can book?

    In order for us to be able to perform a good cleaning with you, at least three hours are needed every other week.

  • question What happens during the start-up meeting?

    During the start-up meeting, we will see you at your home or digitally via video to go through what you need help with. We compile your needs and wishes in your customer profile.

  • question Why do you start with a start up cleaning?

    We want to give you the best conditions for your weekly cleaning and start with a thorough initial cleaning performed by a team with Hemfridare. This means that your Hemfridare during the cleaning session with you has time for all the steps that are included in the cleaning description for your home.

  • question Is it the same person who cleans every time?

    Our ambition is for you to get cleaning from the same Hemfridare every time. If your regular Hemfridare is prevented, another Hemfridare from our service team can come out instead. You can be sure that all our Hemfridare undergo the same thorough training in cleaning so that we can maintain the continuity of your weekly cleaning.

  • question Do you come the same day of the week and time every time?

    We book a fixed day of the week and time in connection with your initial cleaning. Should there be a change in the schedule, for example due to illness, your area manager will contact you.

  • question What is done during a Weekly Cleaning

    Weekly cleaning includes these tasks as standard.

    WE CLEAN IN ALL ROOMS including bath/toiletand kitchen • Vacuum floors, moldings, electrical contacts, radiators, carpets and upholstered furniture • Damp mop floors or otherwise clean them as agreed • Wipe doors and door frames where we can reach • Dust window sills and free surfaces • Dust lamps, shelves and picture frames where we can access • Polish mirrors • Make beds • Empty trash

    BATHROOM AND TOILET • Clean bath, shower, sink and toilet • Wipe stains from walls • Wipe bathroom cabinets and appliances

    KITCHEN • Clean the sink and kitchen counter, stove and wall behind the stove and sink • Clean the inside of the microwave • Clean the outside and inside of cabinets where there is a rubbish bin • Wipe kitchen doors • Wipe fan and the outside of other appliances • Empty the household rubbish

    You can add hours to your weekly cleaning for additional tasks, such as washing and ironing, fridge and oven cleaning, organizing wardrobes and picking up the children's toys.

  • questionWhat do I need to have at home when you clean?

    The subscription for Weekly Cleaning includes all our own eco-labeled cleaning products as well as rags, mops and mop stands. We use your vacuum cleaner and two buckets that you provide.

  • question Can you do laundry and iron in connection with the weekly cleaning?

    We are happy to help you with washing and ironing as far as we have time during your cleaning sessions. Add hours by contacting your area manager to make sure there's adequate time for it.

  • question Can I get help with anything other than just weekly cleaning when you are already at my house?

    In addition to the weekly cleaning, we can also help you with picking up, sorting toys, washing clothes and home textiles, ironing, organizing, sorting recycling, cleaning the oven and refrigerator and the like. Let us know when booking so we can adjust your weekly cleaning per your request. You can always contact your area manager to add hours to your cleaning sessions so they comply with your needs.

  • question How do you handle Covid-19?

    Read about how we handle Covid-19 here.

  • question How do you handle my keys?

    When you have chosen to become a customer with us, we will issue keys from you. These are then in safe storage with us and are used by the Hemfridare during the cleaning session at your house.

  • question I have an alarm at home, how does that work?

    It's no problem. We enter information about the alarm in your customer profile.

  • question Do you have a duty of confidentiality?

    Of couse! We have a duty of confidentiality regarding everything that concerns you and your home.

  • question What happens if something breaks when you clean my house?

    We have a liability insurance with Länsförsäkringar if something should break during a cleaning session at your home.

  • question I have pets, can they be at home here you clean?

    Yes, that's fine! We note in your customer profile that you have a dog or cat or other pet that moves freely in your home so that your Hemfridare knows.

  • questionCan I be home when you clean?

    You do not have to be home when we arrive, but you can of course be there if you want or need to.

  • question I need to rebook my cleaning session, how do I do it?

    In our Hemfrid App you can easily handle your rebooking. You can also contact your area manager or customer service [email protected].

  • question Can I postpone my cleaning for a while?

    If you have cleaning every week, you can cancel up to five (5) cleaning sessions. If you have cleaning every other week, you are able to cancel three (3) cleaning sessions.

Why Hemfrid?

  • Educated staff

    Our staff are trained, have permanent employment and are covered by collective agreements.

  • Liability

    Should something happen, our liability insurance covers all possible damages.

  • Cleaning materials included

    The products we use are environmentally friendly.

  • Guaranteed quality

    The guarantee means that we fix what you are not satisfied with right away.

About tax reduction

If you purchase Hemfrid household services, you will receive a 50 % tax deduction on the labor cost.

Time for a simpler everyday life!

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