Marcia Eunice

Meet Marcia Eunice

What has working at Hemfrid meant to you?

-Hemfrid is the first and only workplace I have had in Sweden. When I first started, I could not clean or speak Swedish. But I got a supervisor and an introductory training and learned the job. A little later I combined the work with language classes to get better at Swedish grammar.

How have you progressed in your work during your time at Hemfrid?

-I have worked here for eight years and have developed a lot in my role. I started as a Hemfridare, then I became a supervisor and got to introduce new colleagues into the profession. Now I lead a service team, which means I am the link between the head office, the staff and the customers.

In what way can you tell that Hemfrid is a workplace that works with diversity and inclusion?

-You can tell from the staff. No one cares what background you have or
which soccer team you are rooting for. We even have a customer who calls Hemfrid "United Nations" because he has met so many different nationalities through us.

What are your career plans ahead?

-In El Salvador, I studied international relations. Now I'm eager to start studying again. But this time I want to train in HR and recruitment. The dream would be to work in these areas at Hemfrid, because I feel safe and very comfortable here.

Would you recommend Hemfrid as a workplace? Why?

-Yes, Hemfrid is a large company with many opportunities and employees from all over world. When I came to Sweden by myself I knew no one. The job not only gave me a career, but also new friends. The colleagues at Hemfrid have become a second family and I have had the opportunity to develop and develop within the company.

Personal facts

Name: Marcia Eunice

Age: 33

Position at Hemfrid: Hemfridare and leads a service team

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