Get organized in the entryway this autumn

When the piles of leaves stack up outdoors, the piles in the entryway also start to grow. Hats, mittens, scarves, overalls and boots. Here you get some tips that will set you up for success in keeping the hall organized in autumn and winter.

Pack away summer

Make a season switch. Make room for winter clothes by packing away summer flip-flops, swim bags, float aids and thin jackets. Set aside a place elsewhere at home for what's not in season and alternate spring and autumn. Maybe a guest room closet, some storage boxes in the attic or in the basement.

Sort and store

A few baskets in a row can do the trick to create order and then keep it. Choose to designate one basket per family member with all their socks, mittens, scarves and hats. Or one basket per category, everyone's hats in one, everyone's gloves in one, etc.

Hook it

It's easier to keep order when you can reach. A few extra hooks at a height where even the shortest in the family can hang their things can do the trick.

Label it

In order for not only you to keep things tidy in your newly organized hall, label with name or category so it becomes clear to others where things belong.

Keep away the gravel

A nice broom set in the entryway makes it easy to quickly sweep together the gravel that shoes and boots bring onside and you don't have to walk around in it.

Drain and dry

Place a shoe tray in the hall and mount a boot dryer above so you can easily let drip off and dry out wet shoes and boots.


Set up a small basket or box in the hall where you and other family members can drop keys, coins and other small items that otherwise easily float around. Both easier to find and easier to keep clean around it.

Mail station

Set aside a place in the entryway for mail and other papers that are brought home. Magazine holder, letter tray, wall pocket. Set a time each week when what's inside is reviewed, handled and recycled. Fika with mail on Sundays!

We will help you

When you have a cleaning subscription with us, in addition to weekly cleaning, we can also help you keep things organized. We can pick up and sort, organize your closets, help you with recycling and much more. Tell us what you need help with! Read more about Home cleaning

In some places, we also offer the General handyman services and can help with mounting, for example, hooks in the hall. Read more about General handyman