Meet Anders Moche

Anders has been working at Hemfrid since 2000. Prior to joining us, he attended Uppsala Teacher Academy with English and German as a specialty.

After the fourth semester he made a study break and started working with cleaning. Since then he has remained at Hemfrid and today he works both at a customers and with training new employees.
-The best thing about the job is that you meet so many different people, both customers and colleagues. I also enjoy creating order.

According to Anders, attention to detail and structure are the most important when working with home cleaning.
-I always work from right to left, from top to bottom and last I do the floor. You have to have a strategy when cleaning, otherwise it will be no good.

In addition to the job, Anders plays keyboard in a dance band.
-The best thing about the music is when everything is right and everyone in the band is going in the same direction. It's an unbeatable feeling. If I have any benefit from the job in music? Haha, my band members sometimes think I am a little hard at organizing and dusting all the cords.


Name: Anders Moche
Age: 42
Position at Henfrid: Hemfridare
Family: Sambo, two children 10 and 13 years
Interests: Play in bands

Anders' best cleaning tips:

Have good storage so it's easy to keep things tidy. Families with kids can never have too many boxes for toys

Many people find it boring to vacuum. Vacuum in a grid pattern, it makes it much more fun and a really good result!

Hemfrid's Universalpasta. I use it for everything from sinks, to my outdoor furniture (not wood) and to children's white sneakers.