Mary Ann Acosta Munar

Mary Ann Acosta Munar

Mary Ann works as a Hemfridare. To learn better Swedish, she is currently combining her job with Hemfrid's language courses together with Swedish for Professionals.

What do you usually do at Hemfrid and how long have you worked?

-I work as a Hemfridaree and help my customers, especially with cleaning. This year I have worked at Hemfrid for 4 years. I have lived in Sweden for 5 years.

How did you apply for the language training with Swedish
for Professionals?

-I want to be able to speak better Swedish. I have an education as an X-ray nurse from my home country Philippines and have worked in hospitals for many years. I want to work as a nurse here too. But in Sweden I need to upgrade my university degree, so I have to learn the language better and be able to speak more.

Has it been difficult to learn Swedish?

-Quite difficult, the melody is completely different. But it is very fun and I am motivated to learn more. Right now I am going advanced level.

What is the best thing about combining jobs and language training?

-The best thing is to be together with colleagues while learning Swedish. It is very social and we talk a lot about the job and different cultural differences. It is also easier with working hours, it can be difficult to get together sometimes if you study at another school.

Personal facts

Name: Mary Ann Acosta Munar

Age: 48

Role on Hemfrid: Hemfridare

Family: Two sons, one grandchild

Interests: Exercise, cook and listen to music

Best cleaning tips: Always use environmentally friendly products