Meet David

”I truly believe that I have the best job in the world”

David Jansson went from the world of banking to Hemfrid. Initially a staffing manager, he currently holds the position of area manager. This means that he coordinates clients and staff and has the entire customer experience responsibility.

– Leaving one industry for another, in my case going from banking and finance to the RUT industry, can be quite scary. But I immediately felt that Hemfrid was a company where people like to have fun, and so do I. Stationary work is just not for me. I like to be involved in change.

David got his degree from Mälardalen University where he studied behavioral science. He has also had time to live in both Japan and England.

– I have always been interested in psychology, people and culture, not least from having lived abroad. My basic belief is that it would be terribly boring if we were all the same. I love meeting people, and at my last job I felt that I wanted to work with customer relations and staff to greater extent. For me, seeing potential and people developing is incredibly rewarding. To witness a Hemfridare take their next career step, whether within the company or somewhere else, makes me very happy.

A normal workday in the life of an area manager is varied, to say the least. David explains:

– I work closely with my team and always keep an eye on the phone and email if a client or Hemfridare wants to reach me. I work with customer relations, sales and leadership simultaneously and like all parts. In my role, a key feature is to be a good listener. Both Hemfridare and clients should be happy and satisfied with the result, and I love to create the best possible conditions for it to happen. I want to create a customer experience based on us providing and delivering a personal service.

On a personal level, David wants to further educate himself and develop his leadership skills.

– I like to facilitate classes and want to develop additional courses for officials and Hemfridare in areas such as customer service. I think I will suggest that!

David Jansson: Why you should change industry and work for Hemfrid instead

– You love delivering top class service – here you can. You love solving problems, focusing on solutions and working with people – here, everyone is different and it enriches. You are a bit competitive and want to develop – you will get plenty of career opportunities at Hemfrid. The job comes with responsibilities, but also trust and opportunities.

Personal Facts

Name: David Jansson

Position at Hemfrid: Area Manager

Lives in: Solna

In his free time: I like watching hockey, traveling, playing golf and going to concerts with my partner.

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