Meet Victoria Usachjöva

Victoria started working at Hemfrid 18 years ago. It was the security of collective agreements and good conditions that made her look for the job and that has made her stay.

Victoria had just moved to Sweden from Ukraine and worked at a retirement home in Salem. Her Swedish had not been so good and and it was difficult to get a permanent job.

-I was thinking about the job all the time! What would I do if I did not get a job? But then I met a girl from Russia who told me about Hemfrid.

For many, household service jobs are temporary jobs, but not for Victoria Usachjöva. Today, 18 years later, she has no idea whatsoever about changing careers. She sees great joy in meeting customers and how her work helps them.

-They are so kind and grateful. Happy when I come and happy when I'm done! It's nice when customers see what a difference we can make for them and it's a very important job to take care of someone else's home.

After all the years in the business, Victoria knows exactly how to clean an apartment or house in the best way. It requires skill and a good sense of who lives there. Gaining an overview and structuring the work is more important than many understand.

-You have to plan! Review the apartment, prioritize and then put on the customer's glasses.

Personal facts

Name: Victoria Usachjöva

Age: 58

Position at Hemfrid: Hemfridare

Family: One son and three grandchildren

Interests: Reading, cycling and writing poems.